Basalt fiber rebar

Basalt fiber rebar – high-strength non-metallic composite reinforcement made of basalt fibers, which is not exposed to water and salt.

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Basalt fiber

Basalt fiber is an artificial inorganic material obtained from natural minerals by their melting and subsequent conversion into fiber.

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Basalt fiber rebar

Basalt fiber

Basalt rebar grid

Basalt crushed stone

Flexible connections

Basalt fiberglass


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Resistant to corrosion

Basalt armature perfectly resists corrosion, which in the future will not break the integrity of concrete elements. In addition, under the influence of aggressive factors does not change its original properties


It is lighter relative to steel by 80%. Due to the low density, reinforcement on the basis of the composite is 5 times lighter than steel and almost 2 times heavier than water. Under the same strength conditions, the weight is 9 times less relative to steel. This significantly minimizes the cost of transportation, loading, unloading and general construction work.

Cost effective

By purchasing composite reinforcement, you can significantly reduce financial costs in construction. Cheaper total cost is ensured by using material with a much smaller diameter.

High strength

100% stronger than its counterparts. This is indicated by the gap indicator, which is 2 times higher than that of the brand A III. Consequently, the estimated area will be much smaller

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